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coMra-Therapy is a non-invasive therapy, which combines an infrared laser with a magnetic field, ultrasound and colour LEDs in a fully coherent treatment.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used in medicine for over half a century with no side-effects. The use of lasers was followed by combining them with magnetism by scientists in Russia and has now been further advanced by Radiant Life Technologies. Carefully designed controls ensure that all four radiances work as a coherent whole; hence the name of the therapy - coMra or coherent multi-radiance.


"In the late 1970s Russian scientists proposed the idea of Magneto-Infrared-Laser Therapy, (MIL-Therapy), and by the 1990s MIL-Therapy devices were introduced to clinical practice. A combination of the two low-level radiances showed synergetic healing effects that exceeded those of the individual radiances. Over the past two decades the technology has proved to be so successful that it is now used in leading Russian medical institutes to treat more than 200 medical conditions across such fields as traumatology, infectious diseases, urology, dentistry, neurology, endocrinology, and many others." - Dr Arzhan Surazakov, Radiant Life Technologies


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